Monday, 17 October 2011

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Hamster Haul from ZooPlus

My latest ZooPlus order came this morning (everything in the above photograph) - I'm really pleased with all of it! It was a little over £20 for everything although the carrot chew was free through the loyalty points programme ZooPlus have.

I bought the following -
As you can probably tell I love the JR Farm range - I think it's fantastic and Luna hasn't turned her nose up at any of it yet!

As she was awake when I took everything out of the box I gave her a couple of things - the Nibble Log which she couldn't wait to get to (she was pushing my fingers out of the way!) and one of the Strawberry Farmys which she bit a big chunk of and took it to bed.

No idea where the Dari cob will go in her cage, she's rapidly running out of room! I think I'll keep them all wrapped up until she's finished the Nibble Log.

The packet of Fruit Salad was a lot bigger than I thought it would be - seeing as I'll only give a couple of bits a day, if that, it will last forever! Please note that this should not be fed to any dwarf species as they are prone to diabetes and fruit is high in natural sugars.

I'll post some photographs and/or videos of Luna with her new treats once she's up and my camera is charged.


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