Thursday, 10 November 2011

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Wish List

Christmas coming up has made me think about things I'd like to receive, what I will be giving etc. Then I went on to thinking what I would like to get Luna, little miss spoilt Luna! So, here's my current hamster wish list!

Nutty Stick Ball with REAL NUT INSIDE

Ancol Bunny Veg Assorted 8cm
Small Furries Alf A Donut
Nature First Rope Bridge with Sticks
Boredom Breaker Natural Treats Rodent Roller
Trixie Corner Toilet with Roof
Loof 'a' Chews Sharples 'N' Gran
Super Pet Giant Run About Rat Chinchilla Exercise Ball
Those are a few bits and bobs that I would like to get her at least. The ball is the most important thing to get as the one she has at the moment is too small. I'll be stocking up on substrate, bathing sand, toilet litter and treats soon so might get a few things from the wish list as well.


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